Delivering relevant and valuable pension research is central to ICPM’s mandate

ICPM funds pension and investment-related research that supports effective management in pension and investment organizations. It identifies relevant research topics, interacts with researchers and collaborates with top international pension research institutes, think tanks and like-minded organizations on applicable pension and investment research opportunities.

Published research is listed below as a resource for Research Partners.

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ICPM funds pension and investment-related research that supports effective management in pension and investment organizations.

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Published Research: Pension Design and Implementation

A value-based Approach to the Redesign of US State Pension Plans

Eduard Ponds, Zina Lekniute, Roel Beetsma

Principles, Principals and Agents

Ron Bird, Jack Gray

How Accurately does 70% Final Earnings Replacement Measure Retirement Income (In)Adequacy?

Lars Osberg, Kevin D. Moore, Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald

An Internal Swap Market between Equity Returns and Wage Growth: Can it Enhance the Welfare of Defined Contribution Plan Participants?

Jiajia Cui, Eduard Ponds

The Freezing of Corporate Pension Plans

Joshua Rauh, Irina Stefanescu

Fee Disclosure to Pension Participants: Establishing Minimum Requirements

John A. Turner, Hazel A. Witte

The Canada Supplementary Pension Plan (CSPP): Towards an Adequate, Affordable Pension for All Canadians

Keith Ambachtsheer

Published Research: Investing

Does Corporate Social Responsibility Create Shareholder Value? The Importance of Long-Term Investors

Ambrus Kecskés, Sattar Mansi and Phuong-Anh Nguyen

A Protocol for Factor Identification

Kuntara Pukthuanthong, Richard Roll

Asset Allocation and Bad Habits

Andrew Ang, Amit Goyal, Antti Ilmanen

Pension Fund Asset Allocation And Liability Discount Rates

Rob Bauer, Aleksandar Andonov, Martijn Cremers

When Do Derivatives Add Value in Asset Allocation Problems for Pension Funds?

Jiajia Cui, Bart Oldenkamp, Michel Vellekoop

Pension Plan Solvency and Extreme Market Movements: A Regime Switching Approach

Niloufar Abourashchi, Iain ClacherMark Freeman, David Hillier, Malcolm Kemp, Qi Zhang

Investment Beliefs that Matter: New Insights into the Value Drivers of Pension Funds

Rob Bauer, Kees Koedijk, Alfred Slager

International diversification and labor income risk

Carolina Fugazza, Maela Giofré, Giovanna Nicodano

Published Research: Organizational Governance/Management

Connections and Conflicts of Interest: Investment Consultants Recommendations

Shikha Jaiswal

Can Institutional Investors Improve Corporate Governance Through Collective Action?

Craig Doidge, Alexander Dyck, Hamed Mahmundi, Aazam Virani

Attitudes Towards An Extended Fiduciary Duty

Joakim Sandberg, Magnus Jansson, Anders Biel, Tommy Gärling

Institutional Investor Collaboration: Enhancing Effectiveness

Danyelle Guyatt

Partisan Politics and Bureaucratic Encroachment: The Principles and Policies of Pension Reserve Fund Design and Governance

Gordon L. Clark, Ashby Monk

Pension Fund Performance and Risk-Taking Under Decentalized Investment Management

David Blake, Allan Timmerman, Ian Tonks, Russell Wermers

Optimal decentralized ALM

Jules van Binsbergen, Michael Brandt, Ralph Koijen

Board of trustee composition and investment performance of US public pension plans

Joel Harper

Pension reform, ownership structure and corporate governance: evidence from Sweden

Mariassunta Giannetti, Luc Laeven

Identifying and mobilizing win-win opportunities for collaboration among pension fund Institutions and their agents

Danyelle Guyatt

The Pension Governance Deficit: Still With Us

Keith Ambachtsheer, Ronald Capelle, Hubert Lum

The performance of US pension funds: new insights into the agency costs debate

Rob Bauer, Hubert Lum, Rik Frehen, Roger Otten

Institutional Investor Collaboration: Enhancing Effectiveness

Danyelle Guyatt

Why Do Investors Favor Active Management … To the Extent They Do?

Ron Bird, Jack Gray, Massimo Scotti

Is Bigger Better? Size and Performance in Pension Plan Management

Alexander Dyck, Lukasz Pomorski

Ten Strategies for Pension Funds to Better Serve Their Beneficiaries

Keith Ambachtsheer, Rob Bauer

Pension Fund Performance and Costs: Small is Beautiful

Rob Bauer, Martijn Cremers, Rik Frehen