ICPM organizes two Discussion Forums each year that bring together ICPM’s Research Partners with leading authorities from academia and policy-making circles to network and build knowledge about critical issues facing the pension system. Held in different parts of the world, Discussion Forums provide a collegial setting for senior executives in the ICPM network and other distinguished pension and investment practitioners to exchange ideas on key pension management topics. In addition, these events feature presentations by academic researchers on findings from ICPM-sponsored research. Research papers, presentation materials and case studies presented at past Discussion Forums are available as a resource for ICPM’s Research Partners on global best practices. Summaries of key insights are also provided.


ICPM 2019 Discussion Forum

Sydney, Australia - October 27-29, 2019
Location: InterContinental Sydney Hotel

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Upcoming Discussion Forums

Toronto, Canada - Spring 2020 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Past ICPM Discussion Forums

Please review the papers, presentations and case studies from our past Discussion Forums.


June 2016 Discussion Forum (Boston)
Topic: Global Challenges to Retirement Security


June 2015 Discussion Forum (Toronto)
Topic: Long-Horizon Investing


October 2011 Discussion Forum (Washington DC)
Discussion Forum Co-Hosts: ICPM and World Bank Treasury


October 2010 Discussion Forum (Denmark)
Topics: Climate Change Its Science, Politics, and Implications for Pension Fund Management, Risk Management after the Financial Crisis Regulatory and Pension Fund Responses around the World and Tomorrow’s Pension Fund Perspectives from the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia

June 2010 Discussion Forum (Toronto)
Topics: Pension Design, Investment Beliefs and Structure, and Shareowner Stewardship and Taking Shareowner Stewardship to the Next Level


October 2009 Discussion Forum (Australia)
Topics: Pension Design and Organizational Perspectives that Australia and New Zealand Can Teach the World ... and Vice Versa and The Financial Crisis and Pension Fund Management: Lessons Learned and Actions Implied

June 2009 Discussion Forum (Toronto)
Topics: Financial System Reform and Pension Reform


October 2008 Discussion Forum (Tacoma)
Topics: New Developments in Pension Design and Delivery and Designing and Implementing Successful Collaborative Strategies for Pension Funds

June 2008 Discussion Forum (Toronto)
Topics: Integrative Investment Management and The Cost of Pension Fund Constraints


October 2007 Discussion Forum (Maastricht)
Topics: The Pension Delivery Organization of Tomorrow and Rotman Icpm and Netspar-funded Research: Important new Discoveries

June 2007 Discussion Forum (Toronto)
Topics: Win-win Collaboration Among Pension Funds: why and how? and the Life-cycle Pension Model: Theory and Practice


October 2006 Colloquium (Toronto)
Topics: Building High-performance Pension Funds

June 2006 Workshop (Toronto)
Topic: Redesigning the Investment Function


October 2005 Colloquium (Toronto)
Topic: Investment Beliefs, Risk, and Pension Fund Governance

May 2005 Discussion Forum (Toronto)
Topic: Pension Plan Design, Risk, and Sustainability