November 2016

NBER Call for Papers

Over the last 30 years, the asset management industry has experienced exceptional growth in size and sophistication. This period has been marked by the emergence of large pools of assets associated with entities such as sovereign wealth funds, public pension plans, and endowed institutions in the not-for-profit sector. These pools of assets play an increasingly important role in ensuring the welfare of the current and future generations of citizens in the countries that have created them.

To promote research on issues that bear on long-term asset management, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), with the support of Norges Bank Investment Management, is holding the second of three annual research conferences. The conference, which will be organized by Monika Piazzesi of Stanford University and NBER, and Luis M. Viceira of Harvard Business School and NBER, will feature nine paper presentations involving theoretical and applied research on asset allocation, risk, and performance measurement, as well as a keynote address.

Call for Research