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Table of Contents and Editorial: Overcoming the Financial Crisis: What Role Should Pension Funds Play?

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Rethinking Investment Beliefs in a Time of Crisis: The Calming Hand of Philosophy

Jack Gray
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Do Institutional Investors Have Sensible Investment Beliefs?

Kees Koedijk, Alfred Slager
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Integrating Goals, Structure, and Decision-Making at Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Donald M. Raymond
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Pension Funds and Incentive Compensation: A Story Based on the Ontario Teachers’ Experience

Robert Bertram, Barbara Zvan
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Should Pension Investing be Regulated?

E. Philip Davis, Yu-Wei Hu
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Modernizing Pension Fund Legal Standards for the Twenty-First Century

Keith L. Johnson, Frank Jan de Graaf
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Three Certainties and a Speculation: Reflections of a Pension Professional

Don Ezra
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Pricing Risk in Corporate Pension Plans: Understanding the Real Pension Deal

Theo Kocken, Eduard Ponds, Roy Hoevenaars
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Can Pension Funds Hedge Wage Risk?

Carolina Fugazza, Maela Giofré, Giovanna Nicodano
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