Vancouver, Canada

ICPM Discussion Forum | June 2-4, 2019


Download Discussion Forum Agenda

Program topics include:
- Keynote Address by Tanya van Biesen of Catalyst on Diversity
in Financial Institutions and Markets
- The Origins and Real Effects of the Gender Gap
- Diversity and Inclusiveness in Pension Delivery Organizations
- Investing in China: A Long-term Perspective
- Fiduciary Management – Quo Vadis?
- Long-Term Investing: The Active Passive Debate
- Integrated Reporting - AI, Big Data and SDGs
- ICPM Funded Research: Papers on Climate Change


DC Program | June 5-6, 2019


Download DC Program Agenda

Presented jointly by ICPM, NEST & The Aspen Institute

Program topics include: 
- High-level Overview of Issues for DC systems
- System Design Challenges: Reaching New Groups of Savers
- Innovation in DC–Investment Design & Retirement
Income Design
- Changing Saver Behaviour – What Works?
- What Can We Learn from Fintech?
- Future Innovation and Opportunity
- Increasing Trust and Transparency