ICPM Discussion Forum – Spring 2009 Toronto

June 09 - 10, 2009

Key Insights and Possible Action Items:

To download a PDF of the Key Insights from this Discussion Forum click here.


Presentation Materials By Session:

Nick LePan

The Global Financial System: Re-Thinking Regulaton

Cynthia Williams

Trillion Dollars P.A International Climate Bonds Proposal

Stephen Davis

The Yale Initiative: Reshaping Capitalism

Joe Dear

The Role of Institutional Investors in Re-Regulation

Rob Bauer

Fiduciary Management: A Next Logical Step in the Evolution of Pension Management?

Irina Stefanescu

Why Have Firms In The United States Abandoned Traditional Pension Plans?

Colin J. Kerwin

A Sponsor's Perspective on DB Funding and Investment Strategies

Joshau Rauh

The Intergenerational Transfer pf Public Pension Promises

Roderick Munsters

The Future of Collective Defined Contribution Schemes

Tim Jones

Reforming the UK Pension System: A Progress Report

Bill Robson

Reforming the Canadian Pension System: A Progress Report

Teresa Ghilarducci

Guaranteed Retirement Accounts: Toward Retirement Income Security

Ed Waitzer

Where Do We Go From Here?